Answers to Homeowner Questions

Q. Is there a central contact for questions and problems (e.g., common areas, pool, landscaping, irrigation/sprinklers, maintenance, etc.)?
A. Contact the Homestead HOA Administrator. You can call 972-261-9841, or email You can also Send A Message from the Contact page.


Q. Who is our Property Management Company?
A. Our Property Management Company is FirstService Residential. The 24/7 Customer Service number is 877-378-2388, or you can visit their website at:


Q. How do I get email news and announcements from FirstService?
. You can Send A Message from the Contact page requesting to be added.


Q. Is this is same as the neighborhood email Discuss List?
A. No. The Discuss List is a very popular tool to communicate with the neighborhood by email, and has been owned and managed independently of the Homestead Homeowners Association (HOA) by Bobby Wrenn since its inception early in the neighborhood’s history. The Discuss List is a separate from the one used to send mass email announcements and news by the HOA Administrator.

Visit this link to register for the list:


Q. How do I get a pool card?
A. The pool card scanner was updated in 2017.  First Service Residential is handling all pool card requests. Your request for pool cards should be sent to   You will need to send a signed copy of the Amenity Access Agreement that you can find in the Document section.

Q. What if I have lost my pool card?
A. There is a replacement fee of $25 per card.  Your request for pool cards should be sent to   You will need to send a signed copy of the Amenity Access Agreement that you can find in the Document section.


Q. If my question or request to FirstService is not handled correctly or promptly, who should I contact?
. Contact the HOA Administrator 972-261-9841, or email

You can also Send A Message from the Contact page.


Q. How do I know if I am in violation of The Homestead’s Deeds, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions?
A. Go to the Documents page and download the Self Inspection Form. This provides information about what inspectors look for. You can also download the Architectural Standards Bulletins from the same location. The bulletins clarify certain requirements.


Q. Is there a way to report a non-emergency crime or suspicious activity in the neighborhood?
. Yes. Probably the fastest way to alert your neighbors about suspicious cars, speeders, vandals, etc., is through the email Discuss List. If you are not a list member, you may Send A Message from the Contact page, and our HOA Administrator will put this notice out on your behalf. In addition, the Carrollton Police Department notifies our administrator of area criminal activity through their Crime Awareness Unit.


Q. Can I pay my HOA dues online or automatically through my bank?
. Yes. Visit to set up payments, or call the Customer Service number at 877-378-2388.


Q. What is the correct process to get Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval to make changes or repairs on my property?
A. If you want to repaint, replace your fence or make other noticeable changes to your home or property, you should fill out as completely as possible the ACC form available on the Documents page called ACC Forms and Information. DO THIS BEFORE YOU START YOUR PROJECT so you won’t have to dismantle anything if the request is not approved. Your request will be reviewed by the ACC Committee and a response sent to you in 30 days or less (usually within a week). 


Q. I understand there is a list of approved trees for the front easement by the sidewalk and back alleys. What trees are permissible?
. Street and alley trees may be required, must be a minimum of 3-5" in diameter, and either Bald Cypress, Live Oak, Shumard Oak, Cedar Elm or Chinese Pistache.


Q. How do I report a property violation?
A. Send A Message from the Contact page.


Q. Does The Homestead have a list of recommended vendors or professionals for appliance repair, painting, landscaping, dentists, doctors, etc.?
. Yes. A popular way to get recommendations is to ask for them on the email Discuss List. You may also advertise your own service or business on the Neighbor Network page. Send your image to the HOA Admin at


Q. How do I view the Teens at Service page?
A. This is the only password protected page on the website. You can obtain the password for this page by sending a message on the Contact page, from the HOA Admin,, or by asking on the email Discuss List.

To add a teen advertisement, send your image to the HOA Administrator  at


Q. If I need to repaint my mailbox, what color/type paint should I use?
. The recommended paint is Rustoleum Premium Satin, the shade is Hunter Green. It's available in spray paint or by the quart at Lowe's. Before painting, be sure to clean the mailbox thoroughly and wipe down with alcohol so paint will adhere. 


Q. Where do I buy a replacement mailbox if mine isn’t working?
A.   For the homes in Phase I, you can buy a similar mailbox at Amazon (see link below) for less than $20. Although they come in green, it may not be a matching green to what most homes in The Homestead currently have. If you share a mailbox post with your neighbor, you could spray paint yours with Rustoleum Satin Hunter Green to match.


If you are in Phase 2 in a DR Horton home, look for a replacement mailbox at King Metals:

King Metals: or at 214-388-9834.

or Brandon Industries: 

or call 972-542-3000.

These mailboxes will also have to painted the Rustoleum Satin Hunter Green.


Q.  Has the HOA considered community mailboxes to help prevent/deter mail theft?
A.  Yes, the HOA reviewed this suggestion at the May 2010 meeting.  After review, it was determined that the DCCR's do not allow community mailboxes. However, homeowners may wish to consider renting a post office box or installing a mailbox locking insert. For an example visit:


Q. How do I get a streetlight fixed?
. Go to or call 1-888-313-4747. Provide the city and approximate street address when you call. The online option will allow you to see a map and choose the exact street light.


Q.  How do I get Board meeting minutes?
. Minutes of Board and Annual Meetings (pdf format) are available to download under Documents page.


Q. May any resident attend a Board meeting?
Yes, Board meetings are held at 7 p.m. in the clubhouse on dates announced via a FirstServices email to residents, and as seen on the HOA Calendar. Typically, Board meetings are on the third Monday of the month.


Q. Can I present a comment or issue at an HOA Board meeting?
A. Homeowners are welcome to attend and comment on agenda items; however, to bring up an unrelated topic, you must be added to the agenda 5 calendar days prior to the meeting. Please Send A Message from the Contact page, contact one of the board members, or the HOA Administrator to have your item added to the agenda.


Q. When does the pool open and close?
A. Currently the pool is open year-round.   Pool hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Q. How do I rent the clubhouse?
A. Forms and information can be found on the Documents page or Contact the HOA Administrator. The clubhouse is available for rental only for residents that are up-to-date on all dues and fines. See the Calendar page for an indication of availability.


Q. How can I get a key to access the Clubhouse prior to my event?
A. Either a volunteer or the HOA administrator will open the clubhouse on the day of your event.  You can contact the HOA administratior at with questions.


Q. Is there a neighborhood newsletter?
A: At this time, we have moved from a monthly newsletter to a quarterly update that goes out with the Dues Statement.

Q. Have questions regarding residential solid waste service?

A. The City will now be taking over all customer calls regarding solid waste. Call 972-466-4950 with residential solid waste and recycling questions.